Paragraph: Traffic Jam

Compose a passage about ‘Congested driving conditions’ by responding to the inquiries underneath.

a) Where is road turned parking lot a typical sight?

b) What are the primary driver of congested road?

c) How do vehicles cause it?

d) Is our traffic control framework created?

e) How are the drivers liable for it?

f) What does it cause to the travelers?

g) What is the solution for it?

Ans. Road turned parking lot section : Traffic jam is a typical issue in huge urban communities and towns in our nation. It is one of the serious issues that cause us much misery. Ordinary the city individuals need to confront this horrendous issue. Now and again, circumstance decays to such a degree, that jam goes on for a considerable length of time together. The thickness of populace is the primary driver of automobile overload. The regularly expanding number of transports, trucks, auto rickshaws, carts is likewise liable for this issue. Streets and boulevards have not recently built in proportionate to the development of populace. This outcomes in huge congested driving conditions.

Also, the traffic control framework isn’t created in our nation. The drivers are slanted to run their vehicles at their sweet will. There is additionally an enormous need of adequate traffic police. Unlawful leaving of vehicles is likewise answerable for car influx. It makes untold sufferings the development of the vehicles and the passers-by. It kills our significant time and our works are hampered. This issue can be unraveled by receiving a few measures. Traffic rules ought to be forced carefully with the goal that the drivers will undoubtedly obey them. Very much arranged open streets ought to be developed. Open mindfulness is additionally required in this regard.

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