Paragraph: The Life of a Farmer

Write a paragraph on “The Life of a Farmer” by answering the following questions.

(a) Who is a farmer? How does he pass his days? (b) What does he have to do to maintain his family? Why can’t he overcome his poverty? (c) What is his contribution to the economy of the country? Why does he work hard? (d) How illiteracy and lack of knowledge affect him? (e) What should the government do for them? And what should we remember?

The person who is engaged in agricultural activities, is called a farmer. He passes his days in uncertainty. To maintain his family, a farmer has to work hard round the year. His fortune depends on nature. He remains ever poor and cannot overcome., his poor condition because floods, droughts, cyclones etc. Often damage his crops and sometimes he becomes foodless. A farmer contributes a lot to the economy of a country. Actually he works hard to feed the whole nation. But he maintains his family through much difficulty and hardship. Generally, a farmer lives poor and dies poor. He cannot overcome his poor condition due to his illiteracy and lack of knowledge of modern method of cultivation. As he is illiterate, he has a big family and finds it difficult to make both ends meet. The government should take steps to educate them and help them with good seed, fertilizer and better agricultural knowledge. We should remember that his contribution to the economy of the country is great.

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