Paragraph: A railway station

A rail line station is a significant spot for rail line is where trains stop at and start from.the travelers of a train get into or get down from a train at a rail line station . it has at least one red structures. they are commonly made of bricks.from a separation ,one can see the green and red signs and red structures of a station. it has a few rooms.some of them are the lounge areas for male and female travelers. there are a ticket counter ,a booking office for goods,the station ace’s room ,some tea stalls,book slows down and so on the station ace is with everything taken into account in a station . He is helped by various different staffs ,railroad police and monitors. Here, numerous peddlers are discovered yelling the name of their products and selling them. Again railroad doormen are discovered searching for the travelers to convey their products. in each railroad station ,there are at least two rail line lines. close to the station , there are two sign posts with red and green signs. the go-to person keep up the signs. he additionally moves along the stage with red and green banners in his grasp .simply outside the station,there are represents carts, auto-carts and different vehicles. before the appearance of a train , the travelers gather their tickets remaining in a line . at the point when a train shows up , the station become occupied and boisterous. a few travelers get into the train and a few travelers get down from it .when the train leaves station , the station gets quiet and calm.