Paragraph: A Tea Stall

A tea slow down is a small shop where tea is arranged and served. It is seen on the side of the road, in business sectors, stations, terminals and so forth. Nearly everybody is familiar with it. In a tea slow down, there are a couple of long tables and some long seats to sit on. The proprietor himself/herself or a chief runs the slow down. Other than tea or espresso, scones, cakes, breads and so on are likewise sold in the tea slow down. A tea slow down for the most part opens promptly toward the beginning of the day and closes late around evening time. In a tea slow down a couple of young men serve the clients with tea or other food things they need. Travelers, cart pullers, authorities, workers, passers-by, understudies, political laborers and numerous others are the clients of tea slow down. Individuals from various different backgrounds examine their separate issues with each other. In some cases, the political conversations transform into fights. So a tea slow down is known as a “Scaled down Shangshad”. Individuals get a new cup of tea and another day by day paper to peruse each morning. Subsequently, a tea slow down isn’t just a focal point of getting revived with tea yet additionally a position of being educated regarding different things and trading thoughts for individuals. So the tea slow down assumes a significant job in our everyday lives.