Tearm and Condition

Tearm and Condition

dailystudynews.com is an online education blog site so everything from blog posts to information technology, jobs, jokes and information about the country’s education is regularly shared online among teachers, students and parents. If you want to be able to provide articles, comments and suggestions on this blog, the articles should be related to information technology, jobs, sports and education information.

Conditions for providing articles, comments and suggestions:

1. Published articles should be creative, informative and quality.

2. Articles must be written in Bengali or English.

3. This is not your own writing, it is not possible to post the copy in your own name from any other magazine, blog or magazine or from any other source or post. If necessary, in accordance with copyright law or the author’s name and previously published sources must be mentioned.

4. It is not possible to publish any article that hurts political and religious sentiments.

5. It is not possible to publish any images, information, videos or writings that are immoral, obscene or in violation of copyright law.

6. You will have the right to comment on any article, but you must do so in Bengali or English.

7. No comment can be made that makes the writer-reader uncomfortable.

8. The dailystudynews.com blog will not bear any legal or other liability for comments.

9. Anyone can comment on the article on the dailystudynews.com blog.

10. The dailystudynews.com blog Authority reserves the right to amend or add to the above policy at any time.

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